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Duleek/BellewstownGFC Launch Ambitious Club Plan

posted 7 Aug 2012, 12:08 by Unknown user


Duleek / Bellewstown G.F.C.have launched a comprehensive Club Plan which provides a roadmap for the futuredirection of the Club.
Oliver Cudden, Club Chairperson, stated: ‘We are delighted to officiallylaunch our Club Plan. The objective of our Club Plan is to make sure wecontinue to effectively serve our members, supporters and the local community. Withthis Plan, we will offer a blueprint for the future of Duleek/Bellewstown GFC andaddress the key issues facing the Club over the next number of years.’
‘I would like, on behalf of Duleek/BellewstownGaelic Football Club, to thank Stephen McKee for the work he has put in withthe delivery of this Plan’ continued Cudden. ‘For an objective and unbiasedapproach to this process, there was a need for it to be driven by someone withno real ties to the club, someone who could come in and take an impartialapproach and view of the club and to report back, warts and all. Stephen hascertainly done that and it is a credit to him that we now have our Club Planpublished. Thanks again Stephen for all your hard work.’
‘This Club Plan, and the journey it has takenus from the initial Open Workshop held a few months ago, has been invaluable tous as an organisation’ continued Cudden.

‘The Club Plan covers aspects such as Coaching& Games Development, Finance & Fundraising, Facilities &Development and Communications & PR. It has made us have a good hard look atourselves and how we do things; through the Club Forum it has allowed all thosewho wished to offer an opinion, the platform to do so; through the feedbackgained it has allowed us create a footprint for the Club’s medium term plan; andthrough its publication it now produces a reference and guidance document tomeasure our performance against the targets set as we deliver the 5 year plan’stated Cudden.
‘I would ask every member to read the Club Plan and to offer any additional suggestions.This is very much a live document and will be reviewed and amended as neededthroughout its life’ concluded Cudden.